trials and tribulations of culture in rurality

Friday, August 11, 2006

WANTED: underwear snatcher

1. i need sheet music, still. Band: Lamb, Song: Gorecki. Problem - no music store in town.

2. i need my cat back, still. He hasn't been home in 3 days, makes me very sad.

3. i need underwear. Our dryer stopped working last night, rather, keeps flipping the breaker off. It's been working fine for a couple months and now the wiring is giving me a hard time. I'm heading out of town after work today for the weekend, so I washed what i wanted to wear and took it to the landromat to dry. It was late so I figured I'd just pick it up in the morning. This morning, my load of laundry was in one of the rolling baskets in front of the dryer, and everything was there, except my underwear. Every single pair of unders I had in there, gone. my favorite ones, gone. Now i have to go buy new ones before i go out of town. I feel violated.

4. i reeeeeeally need my pink eye not to spread into my other eye. I really need NOT to have pink eye when i get married one week from tomorrow!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Today's needs

I will talk daily about what I am in need of because I live in a culturally challenged area.

1. sheet music. Band: Lamb, Song: Gorecki. Problem - no music store in town.

2. my cat. I have a feeling that someone in the trailor park back behind our house has stolen my cat. His name is Boink and he looks like this:

3. Whole Foods. I need to try some good new seitan.